How To Get Pro Level Bass Playing Skills Without Spending Hours A Day Practicing

Yes! This Simple Step-By-Step Bass Playing System Pays For Itself In Gigs...

Dear Fellow Bass Player,

What I'm about to reveal can help you master ALL the most important bass playing skills faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

You see, I used to struggle with some of the most important bass playing skills.

  • I had trouble learning bass lines to songs
  • I couldn't pick out the notes by ear
  • I didn't know where all the notes were on the fretboard
  • I couldn't shift to a different area of the fretboard without getting lost
  • I couldn't play a decent bass solo

But Here's What I Did To Change All That And Build Up These Super Bass Skills...

  • Playing Up And Down The Entire Neck Of The Bass
  • Hitting The Right Note Every Time - No More Searching
  • Knowing Every Single Note On The Entire Fretboard
  • Playing Every Single Type Of Chord There Is On Bass
  • Playing Through Chord Charts Smoothly
  • Coming Up With Great Bass Parts On The Spot
  • Playing A Meaningful Bass Solo
  • Having ROCK SOLID Timing
  • "Locking In" With Grooves Instantly
  • Interacting With Drum Parts Like A Seasoned Pro

Patrick Pfeiffer, Author of the "Bass Guitar For Dummies" Says This...

"Jon is a Fantastic bass player! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jon Brickley for more than a decade and have nothing but good things to say about him.

Jon is definitely one of the “Good Guys” in the music industry. I value his deep knowledge of bass as well as internet business and am grateful for his friendship. Any bass as well as any person would be in good hands with Jon." -Patrick Pfeiffer – Performer and Teaching Artist
Bestselling Author of Bass Books.

Here's How It Works...

When you break it down into bite size chunks, you can build up your skills on bass fast.

There's an old saying, "Practice doesn't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect" - And it's true...

If you practice the right things, you'll start to build up 'muscle memory' to remember the moves and the patterns.

And after a while, you don't have to think about it so much to do it - it just becomes a reflex.

With good, efficient bass playing habits, it makes it easier to play bass. Plus you can develop muscle memory even faster.

But bad bass playing habits hold you back and make it impossible to get better.

They make you have to work harder.

They make you feel like you're bass playing is "in a rut" where everything you play starts to all sound the same.

So if you simply practice the right things, you can get better very fast.

And be playing smoking hot bass parts like it was second nature.

This Step-By-Step System Will Save You Years Of Struggling To Get Better On Bass


ezybassplayer complete bass training

rob-s"I think this course is an awesome method… practical theoretical stuff you can use right away. It incorporates chord tones and moving up and down the fretboard… Now I'm reading through chord charts and coming up with bass parts… If Jon ever does Skype lessons I'll be right there… Trust me man, the concepts and stuff Jon teaches are awesome." -Rob Scarborough

And if you don't know me yet...

My name is Jon Brickley - I was trained at Berklee College of Music and I've been playing bass professionally and teaching students how to play bass for over 25 years

And I've found ways that make it easier to learn essential bass skills

And how to speed up the time it takes to build up dexterity and muscle memory.

These are the exact things to practice if you want to get better at playing bass fast.

Make It Easier To Play Bass.

  • How to figure out bass lines to songs quickly so you don’t have to go through hours frustration trying to pick out the notes
  • How to build up dexterity and speed so you can play blazing fast bass riffs, licks and solos
  • How to get precise, rock solid timing the most important skill of all for a bass player, the one skill that makes you the most useful to bands and will always get you hired to play bass.
  • Plus Much More...

This Powerful Bass Playing Program Shows You:

  • The best fretting hand techniques for speed and precision without strain or pain
  • The best picking hand techniques that enable you to play faster and with more power
  • The best ways to warmup on bass that build up your skills, activate your brain for playing bass And save your hands and wrists from injury
  • How to get your fretting hand and picking hand working together increasing speed and agility
  • How to play fingerstyle and slap style picking
  • With lots of sample grooves, examples & exercises.

But Most Importantly Is How To Get Precise Timing On Bass

Because the ability to keep great time will keep you busier working in bands more than any other skill you can develop on bass.

It’s Your Timekeeping Skills AND...
- Your ability to HEAR the groove that's being played
- Your ability to lock in on that groove
- Your ability to create a deep pocket

That's what makes a great sounding bass player that people want to have around.

Because you're like the bridge instrument between the drums and the guitars and the other instruments

It's like you're translating the beat and the groove and filling in all the cracks -

You are the glue that holds it all together.

You Will Also Discover The Secrets To:

  • Instantly "Lock In" With Drumbeats
  • Play Bass Around The Beat And Interact With Drum Parts
  • Play Over Different Time Signatures: 3/4, 6/8, 12/8 - You Name It!
  • Plus A Drop Dead Simple Trick To Playing In Odd Time Signatures.

How To Subdivide The Beat - which is easier than it sounds and gives you complete control over the rhythm

Master playing 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplets with absolute precision

Simple ways you can know where ALL the notes are on the entire bass fretboard - it's not as hard as it seems!

  • How to play all the most common scales
  • How to play all the modes
  • How to play up and down the ENTIRE neck of the bass
  • How to play arpeggios up and down the neck of the bass
  • How to build up your speed and dexterity

But That's Just The Beginning

After That, We Take Your Bass Skills To The Whole Next Level...

Find Out How To Play Every Type Of Chord On Bass!

Yes, EVERY SINGLE type of chord:

  • Triads
  • 7th Chords
  • 6th Chords
  • Major
  • minor
  • Augmented
  • Diminished

- Get Full Knowledge Of Chords And Harmony
- What "Tensions" Are And How To Play Them

This Is ALL The Bass Skills And Knowledge You Need.

Play chords and arpeggios off of each scale step (of any type of scale) all the way up and down the neck of the bass.

Play chord 'inversions' on bass (that's when you take the lowest note of the chord and make it the top note instead).

Play any chord you want - Anywhere you want on the bass fretboard

We're Talking TOTAL Fretboard Freedom!

Find out why Intervals (the distance between 2 notes) are SO important.

How to make your bass playing come ALIVE using "Double Stops" - Which are like 2 Note "Mini-chords".

Plus You Get Practical Skills Such As:

  • How To Read Music Notation (Sheet Music)
  • How To Read Chord Symbols Such As: GMaj7, Db-7(b5), A#7(#9), Edim7
  • How To Know Exactly What Notes To Play For Any And EVERY Chord Symbol!
  • How To Play Through Chord Progressions
  • How To Make Up Your Own Chord Progressions
  • How To Play 12 Bar Blues Progressions
  • Plus More...

Then We Take It Even A Step Further And Show You How To Read And Play Through Chord Charts...

This is where you become a professional level bass player able to play just about any gig.

You'll have the ability to create bass lines on the spot just by reading through chord charts

You get loads of examples and exercises that'll help you develop all these skills really fast

This Bass Playing Program Gives You The MOST Bang-For-The-Buck You'll Find Anywhere In Any Other Bass Training Out There...

- Over 80 Bass Lesson Videos
- Everything You Need To Know Guaranteed!
- All In Bite-Size Pieces You Can Absorb One Bit At A Time.

WARNING: This Is NOT A Fancy "Studio Production"

And That's Why It's SUCH An Amazing VALUE...

These Are NO FRILLS, NO NONSENSE, NO FLUFF Bass Lesson Videos That Give You Fast-And-Easy-To-Use Info.

Here's A Sample:

Get A Truly Amazing DEAL On This Massive Bag Of Bass Tricks

It's all here! A complete, all-in-one source for everything you need to play pro level bass.

I Want To Help You Become A Better Bass Player And A Real Musician

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Plus a full 180 day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk whatsoever.

All the pressure is on me to deliver.

If this bass training isn't everything I say it is... If you don’t start to see noticeable improvement in your bass playing within 180 days or less as promised...

Or if you decide the training isn't right for you - I will refund 100% of the purchase price - NO questions asked.

If you try out this bass training for 180 days, and still somehow fail to get better on bass against all odds… I will refund 100% of your purchase price - NO questions asked.

That’s how confident I am this will work for you.

But Wait! There’s More...

As A Special Bonus You'll Also Get 21 Special Play-Along Tracks

Prepare for real world playing situations with these easy-to-follow Play-Along Tracks showing you how to play 21 standard grooves and styles.

Each Bass Play-Along Track Includes A Sample Bass Part And Video To Go Over It - For Each Track!

Each Play-Along Track comes with its own video showing you a sample plug n' play bass line you can use. The videos show you exactly how to play in different styles of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Country plus other styles.

So you'll always know the right grooves to play in just about any situation.

Plus it'll help you master the basics of each style.

These Plug N' Play Bass Grooves Help You Create Your Own Bass Lines Really Fast!

And if you invest in your bass playing with this special bass training system today, you won’t just get all the bass training videos and the mp3 Play-Along tracks.

You also get detailed pdf guides with diagrams, chord charts and visual images to go along with the information in the videos.

Here's A Sample...

Plus You’ll Also Get Full Access To Me Via Email Or Chat And You Can Ask Me As Many Questions As You Like And I'll Be Right Here To Provide All The Support I Can.

The total value of everything I’m giving you today is WELL over the normal $97 asking price. Plus, knowing it can get you paying gigs makes it a no-brainer investment.

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You're Guaranteed To Get Better On Bass Fast!

If you keep going along the way you have, you’ll continue to struggle and never get to see the kind of rapid improvement this training provides.

With every day, week and month that passes by without steady noticeable growth - you run the risk of starting to give up hope of any big breakthrough in your bass playing.

Right Now You Have The Power To Decide.

What would it be like if most other bass players were a little INTIMIDATED by your bass skills?

YOU Can Be The Bass Player Everyone Wants In Their Bands.

Instead of falling into the same old patterns, you can easily overcome the frustration and difficulties you're currently experiencing on bass.

And in less time than you probably think.

All you have to do is take action today.

When you do, you’ll FINALLY get to experience the feeling of playing great music and the feeling of being able to get a crowd worked up and start to become more and more in demand as a musician.

This Is Life Changing Stuff!

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But only if you act now...

You May Never Be Closer To Such A Big Change In Your Life Than You Are Right Now

Begin a journey that will explode your bass skills and completely change your life - GUARANTEED!

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