Bass Fretboard Memorization System

How To Memorize ALL The Notes
On The Entire Bass Fretboard!

Here’s A Cool Little System That Helped Me
Get The Bass Fretboard Mapped Out Cold

Hopefully it can help you too!

In this first video I just start from the very beginning with the open strings and their relationship to the notes on the 7th, 9th and 12th frets to get a basic foundation.

Open Strings Low To High:


For the A, D and G strings, the notes on the 5th fret are same as the open string below

5th Fret Low To High:


7th Fret Low To High:


12th Fret Low To High:


The bass is tuned in fourths, so count up four notes to figure out what note the string above is on the same fret.

You can figure out the string below as well – if you’re good at saying the alphabet backwards, lol.

Actually, after a while you’ll just start to remember what note is on each fret.

The Fretboard NEVER Changes : )

The notes are always in their same spots, and there’s actually not that many once you start to map it out.


Filling In The Rest Of The Notes

If you play each note with your pinky finger over the octave note, I think it makes it easier to remember where the notes are on those upper two strings (the D and G strings)

NOTE: There is no sharp/flat between:
B and C
E and F

(These two are called “Natural Half-Steps”)

All the other notes have sharp/flat ‘in-between’ notes.

There are a total of 12 notes:
A   A#/Bb    B    C    C#/Db    D    D#/Eb    E    F    F#/Gb    G  and  G#/Ab


Here’s A Great Fretboard Memorization Exercise:

You can start this exercise slowly to get all the spots mapped out.

Once you’re able to play through each note in every spot, try playing it with a drum machine beat or metronome.

It’s way more effective if you practice this exercise in time with a drum machine or metronome.


Knowing where all the notes are helps you connect groups of notes and opens up tons of possibilities.

It makes it so much easier to visualize all the notes of chords at a glance, so you can isolate only the notes that will sound best,

And you can do it instantly!

How Cool Is That?

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